ANATOMY #14 / ANATOMINIS #3: Call for Proposals

A call for proposals for our December events. Click through for all the details!

Dropships descend through the lacerated skies to strap explosives around the planet, its surface scorched by riots and pitted with celebrity graves. Pan-dimensional demolition experts gather to witness this, the solar system’s first scheduled temporal destruction. There are good years, there are bad years, there are years which leave us no alternative but to nuke them from orbit, because it’s the only way to be sure. And yet there is hope: the infants of this planet have gathered together to build their first warp drive and have just pressed its big green button…

Announcing the Anatomy Associate Artists

We are supremely excited to announce to you our two Anatomy Associate Artists! Sandra Alland and Emily Phillips will work with from July until December 2016 to make new live art. Through mentoring, development and funding, we’re supporting these two brilliant artists to make new performances, which will debut in our December shows. We’re very proud that Emily and Sandra chose to work with us and that we were able to support their art: it’s going to be an exciting few months. Click through for information about the artists.