As part of our commitment to artists and audiences, Anatomy will make its annual accounts available online. We believe in supporting grassroots promoters and artists to make events happen: we hope these accounts provide some guide to how we’ve worked,  and the principles we try to apply.

Book Two: 2016

Anatomy Budget and Accounts 2016


  • This spreadsheet accounts for our seven 2016 events and Associate Artist scheme, covering cash and in-kind income. We were supported financially and in kind by Creative Scotland, Imaginate and Summerhall.
  • We paid £100 per day to members of the production crew and Associate Artists, and £100 per act for every performance. We also covered travel expenses, access costs and provided accommodation. This is still not quite up to Equity/ITC minimums, which we strive for: for the production team, because we worked at least twice the days that we were paid for, and for artists because we budgeted per act rather than per performer, which means that acts with more than one performer were underpaid. We have rectified all this for our next funding application, ensuring that everyone who works with Anatomy is paid a flat rate of £100 per day, plus travel and accommodation, and will be stricter with voluntary time.
  • We spent our small reserves from 2014 on 2016, so we currently have zero balance (Actually I think there’s about a fiver in there produced by tiny accounting errors somewhere.) In the long-term we want to develop reserves, but this will depend on diversifying funding, as we cannot save money from public grants, and our box office income is low.

Book One: 2013-14

Anatomy – Accounts 2013-14


  • This spreadsheet accounts for two years of events, and count cash income only. The numbered events are our regular quarterly events, which were supported by Summerhall. The named events were in each case special events, supported by investment from Summerhall, Surge and Imaginate.
  • Anatomy paid a flat fee of £30 per quarterly event to each artist and member of the production team. This is not a professional rate: it was a token sum to indicate our desire to be able to pay artists. When we had greater investment from partner organisations, we were able to pay professional fees, and kept to a flat rate between artists and producers.
  • In the second year, having proven the financial viability, we began to pay travel expenses on top of the £30 fee.
  • We are currently £367.49 in profit. We decided to roll this money over into the next year, to enable us to make a cash contribution to our application for funding to professionalise our support for Anatomy Book Two.

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